Losing Our Indepence

As we celebrate our nation’s independence this holiday, I find it ironic that we are increasingly losing our independence to foreign countries who loan us money to finance international trade. Much like a homeowner taking out a second mortgage to finance spending beyond his means, our nation is trading its future away as a consequence of reckless consumption of imported merchandise and energy. If you’re waiting on the government to do something about this, don’t. The objective of a public… Read the rest
minivan mechanical breakdown insurance

What Does Mechanical Breakdown Insurance for Used Cars Cover?

Do you know what mechanical minibus insurance for used cars covers? Read our guide to find out. One of the risks of buying a used car is that it could be a lemon. To protect yourself from unforeseen costs resulting from unexpected out0-of-pocket repairs, you may want to get mechanical breakdown insurance for used car. Depending on the type of used vehicle you have bought, the insurance may be called mechanical breakdown minibus insurance, mechanical breakdown lorry insurance, mechanical… Read the rest

Best Shoes for Working in Garage

Which are the best shoes for working in garage? Read on for the top recommendations by America’s mechanics. Standing for long hours when working on an engine tends to put pressure on your feet. You should also be wary of heavy things falling on your toes while at it. Enter best shoes for working in garage. Wear proper mechanic shoes or boots to protect your feet and also keep them comfortable as you work. Best Shoes for Working in Garage… Read the rest
best shoes for aircraft mechanics

Best Shoes for Aircraft Mechanics

Which are the best shoes for aircraft mechanics? Read on to find out. Aircraft mechanics have a lot to deal with daily in their line of duty including: Being exposed to electrocution when working with different electrical stuff and machines Kneeling down, squatting and standing for long when working on and under the aircrafts as it tends to put pressure on the joints which can result in unbearable pain and swelling Working with heavy tools and parts that can easily… Read the rest
Best Free and Open Source Auto Repair Software Solutions

Best Free and Open Source Auto Repair Software Solutions

Convenience is a priority in all industries when it comes to consumers and auto repair isn’t an exception. Auto repair shops also need to make things convenient for their regular customers. There are a number of factors that are usually put in place when building the best service unit including the right type of software to amalgamate every process, efficient scheduling system, inventories and staffing. The mechanic will interfere with your daily routine if your car stays longer at the… Read the rest
best accounting software for mechanics

Best Accounting Software for Mechanics

Looking for the best accounting software for mechanics? Read our guide for the top recommendations. Mechanics with auto repair shops need to use the right software when it comes to monitoring work hours and the cost of repairs. Using the right software makes collections, billings and forecasting a breeze to allow you to focus on the company instead of the software. The functionality is usually built in some of the best apps. When looking for the best accounting software for… Read the rest
Best Work Boots for Machine Shop

Best Work Boots for Machine Shop

Finding the right pair of work boots was easier. The Romans only had to choose from the two options of sandals: either with hobnails for excellent traction or without. Workers ten had to choose between buckles and laces early into the 1800s. Anatomical right and left work boots debuted a year later or thereabout. Rubber soles then became popular owing to the introduction of the Goodyear Welt construction system during the Second World War. After which steel toe caps were… Read the rest
best steel toe shoes for 12 hour shifts

Best Steel Toe Shoes for 12 Hour Shifts

Keeping your feet safe is not an option especially when the working environment is dangerous. Choosing the right pair of steel toe shoes for 12-hour shifts is an uphill task. There are a number of factors you should put into consideration when looking for these types of work boots including; resilience, functionality, longevity, price and comfort. We explored the market and tested a few pieces from renowned brands that have met all the safety standards to narrow down the options… Read the rest
Most Comfortable Steel Toe Shoes for Standing All Day

Most Comfortable Steel Toe Shoes for Standing All Day Long

MythBusters is a popular show that proved steel toe shoes are the toughest and how they work to guard your toes. Work boots with steel toes are the most reliable in terms of safety. People still criticize these type of work boots regardless of the amount of protection they offer. Steel toe shoes are a lot heavier and harder than their counterparts and this makes the comfort level questionable. There are a number of negative impressions that surround steel toe… Read the rest