Best Free and Open Source Auto Repair Software Solutions

Best Free and Open Source Auto Repair Software Solutions

Convenience is a priority in all industries when it comes to consumers and auto repair isn’t an exception. Auto repair shops also need to make things convenient for their regular customers. There are a number of factors that are usually put in place when building the best service unit including the right type of software to amalgamate every process, efficient scheduling system, inventories and staffing.

The mechanic will interfere with your daily routine if your car stays longer at the auto repair shop. The world is fast-paced and almost everyone is relying on a car for their day-to-day activities. People are so much dependent on cars that fixing car repairing issues easily and fast is now a necessity.

According to research done recently in the United States of America, the automotive software market will be running in the tune of $13870 million in the next two years. You can deduce from this data that the automotive software will grow tremendously in the near future.

The automobile industry growth will see the rise of auto repair shop management and repairing services. This means that the automobile industry growth and that of automotive software are directly proportional.

Auto Repair Shop Software (Opensource Options)

Auto repair software is a system that aids in automating management of different tasks in auto repair shops efficiently. Automotive technicians usually use this handy tool in managing office tasks and car repair procedures. The auto repair management app has different tools including vehicle history, invoicing, point of sale and estimation. The auto repair and maintenance shops use this application to organize their business.

The actual repairing job requires one to have manual skills. However, the software makes maintaining accurate records effortless and keeping repairing parts well organized. What’s more, the mechanic will have detailed information on all the repairs.

Auto Repair Software Key Features

Here are some of the key features of auto repair software:

Who Uses Auto Repair Software?

All small business dealing with automotive repairing.

Benefits of Using Automotive Repair Software

Here are some of the benefits of using auto repair software:

Having an auto repair software is the best way of solving any automotive problems and making work easier for both the shop owner and the client. If you are working on a budget, then the best auto repair shop software open source is your best bet. What’s more, you can customize a lot with the free and open source auto repair software.

Best Opensource Auto Repair Shop Software

Here’s a list of some of the best free and open source auto repair software guaranteeing only the best when it comes to repairing approach:

1. Shop Boss

Shop Boss offers a 30-day free trial. It provides complete solutions when it comes to management system of the vehicle workflow. This web-based automotive app typically enhances productivity. Thanks to advanced technology, this open source auto repair software makes managing traditional tasks in the automotive industry a breeze.

This management tool is handy as it helps manage daily operations effectively. You can access it anywhere and at any time on a smart device with a Wi-Fi connection. The software integrates easily with the website along with helping the user with repair guide, estimation and inventories.


  • Go paperless
  • Mobile ready
  • Customer portal
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Digital Vehicle Inspection – DVI
  • Repair tutorials
  • Parts ordering and integrated estimation
  • Users scanning vehicle identification numbers
  • Vehicle Identification Numbers explosion and QuickVINN
  • Text notifications and emails
  • Live chats
  • Factory maintenance lookup
  • Kiosk Self Check-in

2. VIP Shop Management

This open source auto repair software is specially designed for body shops and auto repair stores. VIP Shop Management is easy to use as its equipped with MySQL database.

VIP Shop Management is one of the most popular free and open source auto repair software with unlimited free updates. Carfax Inc and VIP Shop Management Inc are official partners. This means that the business owner can also have the VIN decoding number along with the car information by inputting the vehicle identification number.

VIP Shop Management helps manage customers, print and email invoices, calculates revenue, sales tax and prints different oil change stickers.


  • Service history
  • Unlimited free updates
  • QuickVINN
  • General inventory
  • Look up and also print email invoices that are archived
  • Print statements and create credit accounts
  • Print oil change stickers
  • Tire inventory and appointments
  • Backup and restore the software database
  • Calculates net profit, sales tax and total sales

3. Complete Auto Reports

This free and open source auto repair software serves SMEs and agencies. Complete Auto Reports works on different gadgets such as android, IOS and Mac devices.

Complete Auto Reports has a simple and seamless platform with a number of automated service facilities to automobile owners, dealers and fleet managers. The app keeps tabs on customer demands and expectations owing to its authorization tool and real time maintenance.

Complete Auto Reports digitizes the entire process of any repairing task. The users can access both customers and vehicles searchable database from this free and open source auto repair software. The app provides sales reporting features, customer balance reminders and authorization. When it comes to auto repair shops, Complete Auto Reports offers workflow status, copy jobs, parts database and digital inspections. The clients, on the other hand, get ratings, legal document reminders and preferred providers from the app.


  • Time tracking
  • Invoice generation
  • Vehicle images
  • Workflow management
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Review inspection reports

4. RepairShopr

RepairShopr offers free demo and trial which makes it one of the best free and open source auto repair software.  What’s more, you can access it anytime anywhere. The app includes ticketing features, point of sale, CRM and invoicing among others. Users can use the app to increase efficiency in the auto repair shop. It helps grow the customer database and incorporates sales workflows, intuitive repair, quick check-in and marketing.

RepairShopr is an integrated tool of communication that allows users to build great customer relationships. The app can also help you reach new customers with marketing tools and leads thereby creating more business opportunities. It’s an all-in-one system that helps promote customer growth and build customer relationships. Anyone in the auto repair industry can rely on this open source auto repair software.


  • Email marketing
  • Permission system
  • Full reporting module
  • Contact form integration
  • The template system is customizable
  • POS and repair tracking
  • Reporting and marketing
  • Seamless workflow
  • Quick workflow for technicians
  • Huge inventory system
  • Detailed track service history
  • Customer map and web portal

5. Maxx Traxx

Maxx Traxx open source auto repair software come with a 30-day free trial. It’s a valuable app best suited for truck and auto repair shops thanks to its unique features. This app is specially developed, owned and designed by experienced users in the industry. Users can get maintenance scheduling, inventory management, estimates, quotes, service tracking history, and labor rates on one dashboard.

Maxx Traxx open source repair software provides a range of shop management features, work-in progress tracking, quotes tracking and appointments control. It additionally offers various management features including invoice tracking, accurate costing and multiple parts pricing.


  • In-built marketing
  • Inventory management
  • Fleet maintenance
  • Workflow management
  • Order writing for repairs
  • Back office accounting
  • Staff management
  • Tracking service history
  • Labor rates
  • VIN lookup
  • Estimates and quotes
  • Maintenance scheduling
  • Customization
  • Time tracking
  • Help system
  • Custom Relationship Management – CRM

6. Shopmonkey

Shopmonkey offers free trial. This app is your best bet if you are looking for a simple and smart way to run your business. This free and open source auto repair software helps with shop management and features in-built communication tools that are quite handy. The app allows users to follow and offer top tier customer service. It’s a web-based platform with a business management system that’s not only powerful but also unique as it helps users understand their businesses.

Shopmonkey is a tablet-friendly platform that’s easy to use since it was developed and designed with advanced technology. The app also uses built-in lookups, procedures and diagrams for both medium and light duty auto repair shops. This open source auto repair software helps manage a range of tasks including heavy-duty repair, custom projects and builds, bicycle repair, auto repair, marine and motorcycle repair.


  • Custom Relationship Management – CRM
  • Workflow management
  • Invoicing
  • Texting
  • Inspections
  • Tablet and mobile ready
  • Integrated payment processing
  • Seamless transition
  • Order parts and track inventory
  • QuickBooks online sync
  • Reporting and dashboard
  • Manage and track the team

7. Auto Repair Bill

Auto Repair Bill is one of the best free and open source auto repair software on the market as it offers free demo. It’s easy to use and can help you run your auto repair shop effortlessly. This app not only helps users save time but also make bookings efficiently. What’s more, you can secure any financial data using this cloud-based platform.

Auto Repair Bill is user-friendly and best suited for both mobile mechanics and independent and small auto repair shop owners. It’s an android app that works perfectly well for mobile mechanics. This auto repair software uploads invoices and provides a track record of service history thanks to the Carfax integration. You can easily and efficiently track your finances and work documents that come in handy in the smooth running of the business.


  • Estimates
  • Vehicle lookup, plate decoder and VIN
  • Vehicle and client billing dashboard
  • Bookings
  • Repair Orders
  • Professional invoices
  • Bookings, quote and invoice
  • Sales tracking
  • Local repository
  • Finance management
  • Repair order writer
  • Billing and operation dashboard
  • Vehicle and customer information recording
  • Auto complete on labor and parts
  • Google calendar integration

All the above free and open source auto repair software have promising features for both auto repair shop owners and clients. You can also explore Mitchelle-1, a popular software with remarkable functionality.

8. Mitchelle-1

It’s the best free and open source auto repair software that suits all your repair needs. It’s not only modern but also easy to use which makes it popular as compared to its counterparts. The app equally offers reliable solutions and also help run an auto repair shop profitably and efficiently. The auto repair company can also manage different parts including pricing, market tracking, scheduling and sales with this handy shop management tool.

Mitchelle-1 open source auto repair software typically combines business management, customer experience management and repair management. It’s currently the best shop management solution. This app doubles up as a software for garage management along with auto repair for professionals. It additionally offers different features relating to marketing and shop management.


  • Vehicle tracking
  • Customer database
  • Customizable
  • Service history
  • Parts management
  • Accounting
  • Labor rates
  • Work order management
  • Maintenance scheduling
  • Invoicing and billing


The best free and open source auto repair software is important for both shop owners and customers. It helps enhance productivity as it improves the shop’s overall performance. This app can also maintain a vehicle’s quality life while allowing shop owners to run profitable businesses since it makes the work order process simple. The app also helps estimate costs.

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