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Best iOS Apps for Mechanics for Car

There’s an app for regular car owners and mechanics who want to learn about the vehicle’s internal mechanisms. There are some basic skills you should have if you own a car. For instance, a car owner should be capable of repairing the car if it breaks down. You might need a professional mechanic eventually, but there are a few things you need to be conversant with so that you don’t entirely rely on him. This applies to small things that any car owner can fix.

Mechanics usually know their way around different types of cars. But technology will still come in handy as it will help you inspect cars with ease, diagnose problems quite fast, expand your network of clients and run appropriate tests without a computer or laptop. That’s why this article talks about some of the best mechanic apps for iPhone that are useful for car owners and mechanics alike.

1. Your Mechanic


Your Mechanic is the best mechanic app for iPhone since its quite handy and is useful on those rainy days. You’ll need the app when your car breaks down in the middle of nowhere. You simply need to turn on your iPhone and call a mechanic. It’s also ideal for mechanics since their customers will be able to diagnose the car’s problem more accurately.

Your Mechanic is an app that has created a level ground in the marketing field for both car owners and mechanics around the area. With this app, you only need to report a problem and let the mechanic attend to your car. The mechanics usually have their profiles with ratings, customer reviews and complete order numbers. This helps build trust and also allows the customers to choose a reliable mechanic to solve their car problems. In addition, the app also notifies users when the car needs maintenance and service.

2. EOBD Facile – Car Diagnostic

EOBD Facile – Car Diagnostic

All cars that were manufactured in 2001 and beyond have an OBD2 port. Car owners can use the port to connect their laptops or computers to run different car diagnostic programs. iPhones can effortlessly handle these programs and this is where the EOBD Facile – Car Diagnostic app comes into play. You only need a modern smartphone and a connecting cable.

This app helps car owners diagnose different issues like inlet air, temperature, torque, speed and sensors among others. This in turn helps a mechanic narrow down the car’s potential problem. The best thing about this app is that it’s absolutely free, offers some in-app purchases with no ads.

3. OBD Auto Doctor

OBD Auto Doctor

OBD Auto Doctor is the most popular mechanic app for iPhone. This app will connect to the port of the car using an adaptor. You’ll have to buy the adaptor separately on their website. You’ll then need to configure the app settings. Car owners can do monitor reading for emission tests, running, recalibrating and sensor details. The app has a database for more than 14000 error codes explain what each one of them means and how to fix the issue.

The best thing about this app is that all the data can be exported and shared with either the car owner or mechanic in CSV format. OBD Auto Doctor is the best iOS app for mechanics for car since it’s absolutely free. However, the app has no ads but comes with some in-app purchases.

4. Where is My OBD2 Port?

Where is My OBD2 Port

There are different car models and makes in the market owing to the hundreds of manufacturers in the automobile industry. That’s why its sometimes hard for mechanics to locate the onboard diagnostic board, otherwise known as the OBD2 port. What even makes the situation worse is that the manufacturers are still making new models.

There are thousands of different car models in the database but that doesn’t necessarily mean that new ones are not making to the list. Finding the exact position of the OBD2 port makes identifying a problem and running car diagnostics a walk in the park. Some renowned automobile brands include Ford, Toyota, Renault, Opel, GM, BMW and Audi among others. It’s the best mechanics app for iPhone since it’s free with in-app purchases and no ads.

5. Engine Link

Engine Link

It’s an OBD2 app that supports Wi-Fi connectivity and Bluetooth making things easier for car mechanics. Engine Link also helps minimize chord clutter especially when working on the car in the garage trying to figure out the problem. Engine Link is the best mechanics app for iPhone. You can use this app to run a number of diagnostic problems including torque, transmission, temperature, power, emission, engine load and RPM and coolant among others.

The best thing about this app is that an error code tends to flash on the screen for each of the diagnostic issues. If you don’t know what the error code means, you can check the database. The app works perfectly well but only supports Bluetooth and Wi-Fi adaptors compatible with ELM. Ensure you get the right adaptor for accurate results.

6. IOBD2


IOBD2 is another popular diagnostic handy tool for the car and also one of the best mechanic apps for iPhone. It features an exquisite color scheme and beautiful interface. This app helps collect live data such as ECU parameters, DTC info and reading vital information of the vehicle including sensor, CVN, CALID and Vehicle Identification Numbers among other important information.

There’s also information on the dashboard like rotational speed, temperature, water temperature, torque and power among others. Car owners can run performance tests to find any diagnostic problems and how to fix it. Any time there’s a problem with the car, the app generates and stores a report that will come in handy at some point. The reports are stored in the history section ideal for you want to check the car’s performance after some time. This also helps you see how the car responds to any new upgrades.


There are a number of good mechanic apps for iPhone best suited for both mechanics and car owners. The above will set you in the right direction if you are a beginner in this field. You can use some of these apps to expand and manage your network of clients while others are quite handy when it comes to diagnosing problems.

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