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Best Mechanic’s Work Lights in UK

You’ll need more light when working on cars at some point regardless of the brightness of the day or how lit the workshop is. Fortunately, thanks to advanced battery and LED technology, getting light to point at the exact position you want it to has been made easier. Technology has seen the rise of inspection lights output and an increase in run times.

The best LED work lights and inspection lamps are the cordless ones and with a maximum run time of up to about two hours. What’s more, they leave no trails on the drive or floor that you can trip over when going about your business. Manufacturers have also explored new technologies in their quest of coming up with unique and innovative designs for ease of putting light where you need it. We rounded up of some of the best mechanics work lights in UK.

How We Tested for the Best Mechanic Work Light in UK

Designs have converged and improved over the years so out team of experts also refined the test to come up with a list of the best LED work lights and inspection lamps on the market. We measured both the beam spread and light output and assessed all the torches run time on maximum power. We looked for state indicators, power saving modes and battery charge before carrying out practical tests under the bonnet and wheel arch. This was to help us know the ease with which we can get light where we needed it.

Price also played a significant role when we were looking for the best LED work lights and inspection lamps. We got the prices online.

Best Mechanic’s Work Lights in UK

Here are some of the best mechanics work lights in UK:

1. Ring MAGflex RIL3900HP

Ring MAGflex RIL3900HP


Ring MAGflex utility and pivot have a lot in common and that’s why they were paired together. Ring MAGflex RIL3900HP is a bit smaller. However, the chip on board strip, otherwise known as the COB can manage to push up about 400 lumens. This LED work light comes with a lithium-ion battery with a maximum run time of four hours which is quite impressive. It additionally features battery and charge state indicator and a thumbwheel dimmer. The best thing about this LED work light is that it’s reasonably priced.

2. Ring MAGflex Utility RIL3700HP

Ring MAGflex Utility RIL3700HP


Ring MAGflex Utility features a chip on board strip 20cm long light source that can manage to push 1000 lumens with a massive beam spread. It doesn’t have ultimate intensity compared to its counterparts but it runs close. It measures 50cm in length but is quite handy in the engine bay as it can hang or stick on the car’s bonnet since it has magnets and twin hooks on the ends. The magnets and hooks are not only hinged but also rotate at 360 degrees.

Ring MAGflex Utility additionally features four different LED display that show the state of the battery as well as the charge level. Also, seeing a 12V charge lead and main plug is equally good. If you are looking for the best LED light to light an area or a bench then the Ring MAGflex Utility is your best bet. Plus, it’s reasonably priced.

3. Philips Portable LED Light PJH10

Philips Portable LED Light PJH10


Philips Portable LED Light is uniquely designed to aim at the DIY and professional markets alike. It’s best suited as a work light but can also double up as handy kit for diagnosing a breakdown for those who can afford. You can place it under the wheel arch or bonnet since it’s relatively small to light the repairs and bigger areas. You can place this LED light at different angles as it features a magnet on the hinged stand.

Philips Portable LED Light juts like the name suggests, is lightweight but can still manage to push 1000 lumens. It has a wide spread and is equally up to task although the difference between this LED light and its counterparts is quite noticeable. It additionally features a PJH10 dimmer function that allows you to effortlessly control the output. The best thing about the dimmer function is that it stores the records of previous settings in between uses.

Philips Portable LED Light PJH10 is sturdy as it features a shocking rating of IK09. This LED light is top quality but is relatively expensive. Charging is usually mains only unlike its counterparts with a USB port.

4. NightSearcher Pocket Pro

NightSearcher Pocket Pro


Just from the looks, you can tell that the NightSearcher bucks the trend when it comes to work lights and inspection lamps with Pocket Pro. This is also evident in presence of an adaptor instead of a USB lead since most of its counterparts usually supply cables. This LED light manages to push 600 lumens which 200 more than Rings although with a narrower beam spread.

NightSearcher Pocket Pro additionally features two different power modes, battery state indicator and a single LED charge. It has a maximum run time of about three hours. Getting the right amount of light where it’s needed through the hinged magnetic base is quite hard compared to the Ring offering. However, NightSearcher Pocket Pro is your best bet if output is anything to go by.

5. Philips RCH25

Philips RCH25


Philips RCH25 is one of the best mechanics work lights in UK with a conventional design that aims at professionals as opposed to the DIY market. It has a hinged base with some powerful magnets at the back. This LED light delivers a maximum of 500 lumens with a relatively narrow beam spread. The best thing about this LED light is that you can adjust the output by simply holding the power button. What’s more, it lasts for about four hours at maximum. It’s great in terms of performance although it falls on the higher side of the pricing spectrum.

6. Draper 11767

Draper 11767


Draper 11767 is an excellent choice for those who want maximum light output. The Chip on Board LED manages to push 1000 lumens with a decent width. The battery went off after 90 minutes or thereabout. However, it would have lasted longer if it were on the 500-lumen setting. It additionally features battery and charge state indicators and also has a hinged base. It’s reasonably priced although it doesn’t come with a charging dock.

7. NightSearcher HazStar

NightSearcher HazStar


NightSearcher HazStar focus more on breakdowns as opposed to workshops since the three different strips tend to flash red in a triangular shape. They also offer white and red models. What’s more, you can remove them and place them on bodyworks since they have magnets. It also features a battery state indicator, a charge lead supply and a USB outlet.

NightSearcher HazStar is relatively expensive so don’t buy it if you are not going to make use of it. This LED light doesn’t have a magnetic mount hence needs to sit on something. The power levels are only limited to two although the spread beam is quite bright and offers a 300 minutes maximum run time at optimal output. It’s best suited for emergencies but a little less reliable when it comes to workshops.

8. Draper 90187

Draper 90187


This folding LED light from Draper measures twice as much as the Ring in length when closed and is equally heavy. Draper 901187 comes with a rotary dimmer that’s quite handy for the 7Ws LED lights since the 700-lumen setting will make the battery run out in less than two hours when running on full power. Draper 90187 is one of the best mechanics work lights in UK.

The only drawback is that Draper 90187 work lights doesn’t fully fold especially with the LED on the outer part. Plus, it doesn’t come with magnets at the back to help hold it in place when in use.

9. Laser 7056

Laser 7056


Laser 7056 LED work lights almost resembles the Philips and Draper models except it features a rotating hinged base. This LED work light is equally small standing at 18 cm in length with a maximum output of 260 lumen. It’s best suited for smaller spaces as it produces a relatively narrow spread beam. It features a charge indicator with a number of options including a dock, European and UK USB adaptors and another for charging in the car. Laser 7056 is quite decent.

10. NightSearcher Tri-Spector

NightSearcher Tri-Spector


NightSearcher Tri-Spector is one of the best mechanics work lights in UK. This working light manages to push 600 lumens with a maximum of two hours running time on maximum output. The battery powers a flexible light that is quite decent and effective.

11. Clarke RWL-55

Clarke RWL-55


Clarke RWL-55 is a bit old-school but is one of the best mechanics work lights in UK. It features 55 LED lights with 33 emitting a white light while the rest give a flashing light or red emergency. The output and run time don’t compare to the modern designs. It only has one magnet at the back, with a charging dock and an adaptor designed for in-car charging.

The above are the best mechanic’s work lights in UK.

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