Losing Our Indepence

As we celebrate our nation’s independence this holiday, I find it ironic that we are increasingly losing our independence to foreign countries who loan us money to finance international trade. Much like a homeowner taking out a second mortgage to finance spending beyond his means, our nation is trading its future away as a consequence of reckless consumption of imported merchandise and energy. If you’re waiting on the government to do something about this, don’t. The objective of a public… Read the rest
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What Does Mechanical Breakdown Insurance for Used Cars Cover?

Do you know what mechanical minibus insurance for used cars covers? Read our guide to find out. One of the risks of buying a used car is that it could be a lemon. To protect yourself from unforeseen costs resulting from unexpected out0-of-pocket repairs, you may want to get mechanical breakdown insurance for used car. Depending on the type of used vehicle you have bought, the insurance may be called mechanical breakdown minibus insurance, mechanical breakdown lorry insurance, mechanical… Read the rest

Toyota: Helping Bankrupt America for Fifty Years?

What This Commentary Is A revealing look at how Toyota (and other Japanese vehicle manufacturers) exploits post-World War II U.S. foreign policy to unfairly compete from a sanctuary with U.S. companies, An examination of U.S. government incompetence in its stewardship of economic and international trade policy, A compilation of news article links publicizing Toyota’s recalls and quality issues (at bottom of page), An argument for sustainable, mutually beneficial free trade between the U.S. and Japan (and other countries), A challenge… Read the rest