Must-Have Mechanic Specialty Tools

21 Must-Have Mechanic Specialty Tools

Which are the must have mechanic specialty tools? Read on to find out.

If you own a vehicle, there are moments you become a mechanic. For both a trained mechanic and a driver or home mechanic, the following are must-have mechanic specialty tools. The auto mechanic tools and equipment list gets you the best tools that should never miss your garage or car storage.

As a mechanic, you always understand the tools that will work out best for you. You know the tools that you need depending on the difficulty you face. Get the best from the list below, and your repairs will be free from stresses. You don’t have to lose a bolt, a nut, or a washer when a customer is waiting. Get on the tool that will help you keep everything in place.

21 Must Have Mechanic Specialty Tools

1. Bayco Night Stick

Bayco Night Stick


Bayco Nightstick is the best under-vehicle light and one of the best mechanic tools. To use it under the vehicle, unsnap it from the bracket, and you are good to go. The light has a strong magnet holding it in place. The tube of the nightstick can rotate 200 degrees enabling you to aim where you want the light. The switch once clicked lights 650 or 1200 lumens, depending on your need. It is a 120 LED light that is rechargeable. You will get the model with an under-hood bracket. Also, there is a charging transformer enabling you to recharge it quickly.

The internal battery can run for 5hours while working at 1200 lumens. While working at 650 lumens, it can light up to 8 hours. During power failures, you can use the additional emergency light.

2. Ratchet Extender

Ratchet Extender


Working in areas such as the engine compartment can be very demanding, especially when you have to get to tighter places. The Tite-Reach tool becomes handy in such cases. It will help you reach the close areas without straining. Get your socket in one end of the extension tool then attach the ratchet on the other end. After connecting, feel free to make loose or tighten your bolt.

3. Dewalt Heavy Duty Power Tools

Dewalt Heavy Duty Power Tools


The Dewalt is a complete mechanics toolset with a box that contains heavy-duty tools. The brand is now including sockets and wrenches. Once you lift the ratchet, you will realize that it is more substantial. It has a beefier hand that perfectly fits on your hands. The brand has a fine-tooth 5-degree ratchet that has the best recessed quick release and reversing means. The ratchet will easily fit in tight spots giving you access. It is the best mechanic tool brand that should never miss in your car or the garage.

The wretches and the sockets are lasers etched during manufacturing before they have chroming. The size readings will remain readable all through. The plugs, wrenches, and the ratchets have an ant slip feature enabling you to have the best grasp of what they grab.

The brand has two socket/wrench configurations. They include a 118-piece set and a 204-piece socket/wrench set. The warranty for the tools is lifelong. From how they are, you will never need to replace them. The DeWalt is the best brand of tools used in an automobile workshop.

4. Needle Scaler Blast Off Rust

Needle Scaler Blast Off Rust


The air tool looks like a sea monster that has tentacles. It has nineteen arms that are essential to hammer off the rust. It can blow off dust, rust, and scale at 4600 blows per minute. You can adjust the force of the needle through moving the collar forward and backward. The air tool is for blowing off dust and rust or even old paint on your car. While using the gadget, ensure that you wear eye and hearing protection. Also, use a leather glove to avoid the kicks of dust from the blow. For the lady mechanics, while wearing your adhesive bras, ensure that you have the best cover to prevent injury. You will find your set with needles and chisel attachments.

5. Nut Splitter

Nut Splitter


The nut splitter is one of the best tools used in automobile workshops. It will work correctly in splitting a nut without damaging the threads. It will not also destroy the stem that it is screwed on while splitting. Slip the ring over the nut that you want to crack and turn the tooth of the splitter until it breaks. The tool is one of the top 10 cool automotive tools that you need to have.

6. Locking Extension Bar

Locking Extension Bar


It is very tiresome when you pull the extension bar and the ratchet, and it sticks in the bolt head. The locking extension bar takes care of this problem. Using it is very simple. While pulling back the locking ring, snap your socket on and let go. The plug will be locked and will come out with your extension bar.

7. Out-of-Sight Pliers

Out-of-Sight Pliers


Your hands always remain in line with the sight of the items you want to grab with your pliers. The designers of the kiwi Pliers had in mind the areas where your eyes can’t see. The pliers are the best if you have to go after hidden retainers’ clips and clamps.

8. Flexible Sockets That Get into Tight Places

Flexible Sockets That Get into Tight Places


The engine compartment is always close together. Crowding makes it difficult to reach some areas. The sockets enable you to achieve these tight spots quickly. They have a profile which is shorter than the ordinary outlets. The prices are a bit higher, but they are the best automotive tool brands that you must have.

9. Disconnect Stubborn Electrical Connectors

Disconnect Stubborn Electrical Connectors


Nowadays, models have their electrical connectors locked together. Most of them have plastic pins and slides. Getting to them with pliers that have a needle nose could damage them. The exceptional design will enable you to have an easy time getting to them. You can also use them for snatching O-rings, and hor’s d’ oeuvres. The model is the best tool kit to keep in the car as it is beneficial when the need arises.

10. Spark Plug Boot Pliers

Spark Plug Boot Pliers


Holding your plug wires with regular pliers will damage the boot. The spark plug boot pliers have padding in the jaws that will get you a firm grip on the boot without wearing it out. Get in the top of the boot area near the wire and the clampdown. Doing this applies force to the metal clip in the boot. Twist and then pull. You will have the best experience as there will be no torn wires or boots.

11. Floor Jack capable of lifting in Two places

Floor Jack capable of lifting in Two places


Doing your repair on a newer vehicle calls for the use of two-floor jacks. No more of the struggle for you. Remove the saddle from the Pittsburgh 3-ton floor jack and replace it with the Pittsburgh cross beam accessory for lifting. Extend the arms then rotate the lift pads so that they meet across the member. Pump the handle, and you will have your vehicle up in the air. You will find the Pittsburgh 68052 3-ton aluminum floor jack and the Pittsburgh 60762 cross-beam twin arm adapter available on the online stores.

12. Torque with Digital Accuracy

Torque with Digital Accuracy

If you tighten a bolt without a torque wrench, there will be a lot of damage to your car. If you do it appropriately, it is the best. The digital torque adapter Pittsburgh No. 68283 will help you to torque your bolt correctly. Set the torque that you need the crank it on. The display shows the rising torque while the LED readout and audio signal will enable you to know that you should stop. The adapter will fit ½ drive adapters and comes with 3/8-in and ¼-in drive adapters.

13. Triton MagClip Socket Storage

Triton MagClip Socket Storage


You will get most socket organizers locking you into a standard configuration. The Triton uses magnets and will get you maximum flexibility. To store the sockets, leave the centering pin in place. You can also remove and let the magnets keep the socket extensions and ratchet in place.

14. Magnet Belt Clip

Magnet Belt Clip


You have spent hours looking for nuts, washers, or bolts. Stop wasting time and get them into the magnet belt clip. With this, you will have the best time in the assembly of the parts.

15. Carbide-tipped Scriber

Carbide-tipped Scriber


Seasoned mechanics have the brains when it comes to assembly after disassembly. How do they go about it so fast? The Carbide-tipped scriber comes in handy as it enables them to mark the parts. Scratch alignment numbers or marks on the parts that you remove so that you have an easy time putting it together. The model makes the best basic tools for car maintenance.

16. Socket Labels

Socket Labels


The new versions of sockets come with large laser-etched size markings. You will get the chrome Foil Socket labels having 60 labels. The labels come in fractional and metric sizes. You can easily find them online.

17. The Mirror and Magnet Set

The Mirror and Magnet Set


The mirror and magnet set is the best automotive tool brands. The brand contains a telescopic handle that pulls out to 25-in. Besides, it has screws ends that will allow you to swap the attachments. The kit has two handles, two fixed magnet, one swivel magnet, and two swiveling mirrors.

18. “Crows foot” Wrenches

TireStep 4040 from HeiningerBUY ON AMAZON
The crow’s foot wrenches will get you the best leverage even in tighter places. Mechanics will need a lot to work in tight engine spots. The crow’s foot becomes handy in such places. Attach the wrench to any drive extension bar that is 3/8 inch. With this, you will be able to remove the nuts and bolts that are far away. For removing brakes and power steering lines, the flare nuts of the design are the best. It is the best and a must-have tool in every garage.

19. TireStep 4040 from Heininger

"Crows foot" Wrenches


Shade-tree mechanics can work well on a peach crate for truck engine repair. However, leaning further forward will get the crate flying. With the Tiresstep, that will not be something to worry about at any time. After testing several brands, this is among the top 10 cool automotive tools. The adjustment is better, and it is a high-quality construction. The bra comes with two storage pouch that makes it easy to carry around. It can also work at the rear wheel to enable your securing of loads on the roof racks. The design is the best truck tool kits that should be a priority for every truck mechanic.

20. Compact Set/ Ratchet Combo

Compact Set/ Ratchet Combo


The small emergency socket set is very wise of you. You can store it in the glove box, and it will help you a great deal. Slide the handle, and you will get four sockets that have splines. Use it for common nuts and bolts, and you will be good to go.

21. Cool Hose Remover Tool

Cool Hose Remover Tool


The radiator and the heater hose normally attach through clamping. After years of use, they are always together through welding. If the horse has to be in use again, you will have a difficult time trying to fix it together. If not handled in a proper way as per the directions, the hose may not be good for use again. The cool hose remover tool will be of great use as it will help you to achieve the tasks. Slip the pointed end to where the lip of the hose is. Pull your tool around the pipe. The edge that us round will work to break the hose free and enable you to remove it. The tool will save you a lot of time and help you do it correctly. The tool is one of the essential car tools that should never miss in your list.

With the tools and equipment above, the experience will be enjoyable. You will always look forward to getting the next assignment as the tools make your work strain less.


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