best work boots for heavy equipment operator

Best Work Boots for Heavy Equipment Operators

Heavy equipment operators have to deal with a lot of things daily in their line of duty including: Spending long hours on their feet Dealing with heavy tools and equipment which exposes them to injuries when they fall on their feet Walking and working on slippery surfaces that makes heavy equipment operators more susceptible to falls and slips Enter best work boots for heavy equipment operators. All machine operators need the right pair of work boots with unique features to… Read the rest
best safety boots for automotive

Best Safety Boots for Automotive Mechanics

We scoured through the internet to bring you the best safety boots for automotive mechanics on the market. This article highlights a few factors you need to consider when looking for these work boots and the different types available from different brands. Read on. Best Safety Boots for Automotive Mechanics Here’s a round-up of some of the best safety boots for automotive mechanics; 1. Timberland Pro Pitt Boss Work Boots BUY ON AMAZON Automotive mechanics need to wear safety boots… Read the rest
best mechanic apps for iphone

Best iOS Apps for Mechanics for Car

There’s an app for regular car owners and mechanics who want to learn about the vehicle’s internal mechanisms. There are some basic skills you should have if you own a car. For instance, a car owner should be capable of repairing the car if it breaks down. You might need a professional mechanic eventually, but there are a few things you need to be conversant with so that you don’t entirely rely on him. This applies to small things that… Read the rest

Best Blow Torch for Mechanics (Reviews and Buying Guide)

Butane is not only an efficient tool but also a great investment when it comes to soldering metal joints and gourmet cooking. A butane torch is a must-have accessory in a toolkit owing to its versatility. It’s best suited for different types of applications including melting frozen pipes, small scale welding applications, jewelry making and gourmet cooking among others. What’s more, using a butane torch is easy. Plus, it emits flames with a maximum temperature of about 2500 degrees Fahrenheit… Read the rest
Best Apps to Learn Mechanics

Best App to Learn Car Mechanics

You cannot learn all there is to know about mechanics overnight. However, you can ease the learning process by installing some handy tools on your smartphone. You are at the right place if you are looking to expand your automotive knowledge. We’ve rounded up some of the best apps to learn car mechanics in this article. You’ll understand how cars work when you install an of these apps on your phone. However, there are some things that only an expert… Read the rest

Best Work Boots for 12 Hour Shifts

Here’s a round up of the best work boots for 12 hour shifts: 1. Timberland Pro Boondock Composite Toe WP Insulated Industrial Work Boots BUY ON AMAZON If you spend long hours on your feet in your line of duty, then comfort should be a priority. Enter Timberland Pro Boondock Composite Toe WP Insulated Industrial Work Boots. These work boots are made from premium quality materials with cozy padding and shock absorbing technology to re-energize your feet and prevent fatigue.… Read the rest
Must-Have Mechanic Specialty Tools

21 Must-Have Mechanic Specialty Tools

Which are the must have mechanic specialty tools? Read on to find out. If you own a vehicle, there are moments you become a mechanic. For both a trained mechanic and a driver or home mechanic, the following are must-have mechanic specialty tools. The auto mechanic tools and equipment list gets you the best tools that should never miss your garage or car storage. As a mechanic, you always understand the tools that will work out best for you. You… Read the rest
How to Pinpoint Engine Noise

How to Pinpoint Engine Noise

One of the most challenging tasks you can deal with is diagnosing engine noise. You can use these words to describe noise coming from the engine: Hissing Ticking Popping Knocking Tapping The sound itself doesn’t tell you where it originates from. Several parts around and in the engine often produce these sounds. For instance, a faulty: Alternator Timing chain Internal engine component Water pump Vacuum line Ignition wire Power steering pump Different engine parts that usually move at a higher… Read the rest

Toyota: Helping Bankrupt America for Fifty Years?

What This Commentary Is A revealing look at how Toyota (and other Japanese vehicle manufacturers) exploits post-World War II U.S. foreign policy to unfairly compete from a sanctuary with U.S. companies, An examination of U.S. government incompetence in its stewardship of economic and international trade policy, A compilation of news article links publicizing Toyota’s recalls and quality issues (at bottom of page), An argument for sustainable, mutually beneficial free trade between the U.S. and Japan (and other countries), A challenge… Read the rest